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Benin > Activities > Zemidjan through Cotonou

Zemidjan Through Cotonou

Zemidjan through Cotonou
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With the rising price of fuel, there are more economical ways to get around in Benin, while getting fresh air and witnessing the sights without having to use a map. Simply hail a scooter taxi to take you to your destination without excess cost or getting stuck in traffic. Most developed towns and villages in Benin have motorcycle-taxis called 'Zemidjans'.

Although you may be taking your life into your own hands when climbing on behind a maniac driver, the experience is mostly enjoyable. The drivers can be recognised by their coloured shirts, but be sure to assess the bike before getting on. Breakdowns are common and you could waste valuable travelling time by standing at the side of the road but you can just hail another zemi-john as they are always buzzing past.

This is the fastest, most convenient, cheapest way to travel from place to place within a city. The golden rule is to discuss price with the driver before getting on the bike. Travel within Cotonou can range from 100-200 CFA, but the drivers may try to increase the fee and you may be taken for a ride in more ways than you hoped. You may even catch a tan on the back of these motorbikes as they whisk you to museums, markets and historical places of interest.

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