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Benin > Activities > Surfing safari in Benin

Surfing Safari In Benin

Surfing safari in Benin
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Although most parts of Benin are inland, there are some coastal areas that are ideal getaways for surfers who want a different type of adventure. Just getting to these isolated beaches is a memorable trip as it requires getting to the heart of African seas through the Bight of Benin. For the more adventurous traveller, there is 'the mouth of the river of death' which is now called Cotonou (the translation of this scary term originates from the Fon language) and it is located on the coastal strip between Lake Nokoué and the Atlantic Ocean.

Ride the waves into the ocean from this river mouth or travel into Grand Popo and conquer the waves that once conquered the town. Witness the damage that the sea has done to this town when the sea tried to reclaim the area in the 1940s. Visit the museum to see sea photos of the destruction and then ride the same waves for your own enjoyment where the only destruction could be a wipe out on your surfboard.

The only problem accessing the ocean is that there are many sandbanks in the area, so it is important to research surfing spots and find accommodation before setting out on a surfing safari, otherwise the journey may be longer than intended. The hottest time of the year is from February to April, while the driest, coolest time is between November and February so plan your surf around the sun and the sandbanks. The coastal areas of Benin are the most popular because of the beautiful, uninhabited beaches.

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