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Benin > Activities > Museums in Benin

Museums In Benin

Museums in Benin
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Porto-Novo is the capital of cultures where people represent most ethnicities in the country. This administrative centre of Benin contains a variety of tourist attractions from museums to stilt villages. Even the colonial and pre-colonial art and architecture is interesting so tourists can learn something by walking in the streets.

If you do decide to stop at a building, visit The Ethnological Museum that is famous for Gelede Masks. These masks are worn by men in elaborate masquerade performances known as "Gelede." At the beginning of a new agricultural season these performances occur to pay tribute to the special power of women, both elders and ancestors. Men wear masks at an angle on the top of their head and pairs of men wearing similar masks. The masquerade has a bulky costume which emphasizes the large breasts and buttocks of the woman it represents. From masks to crowns, the history of Porto-Novo is traced in the Musee Honme (Palais Royal). Personal effects of the King Toffa, including many exclusive photographs and his royal carriage are on display. Jardin Place Jean Bayol is a place graced by landscaped gardens and the “da Silva Museum” recounts the turbulent history of Benin, from prosperous the humble beginnings of the African Dahomey Kingdom until the present Benin.

The museum in Abomey covers the history of the Abomey kingdoms and contains a throne made of human skulls and situated about 100km (60 miles) northeast of Porto Novo if you want to travel. Moving through this country will expose many sights that are fascinating and worthwhile.

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