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Benin > Activities > Mount Sokbaro

Mount Sokbaro

Mount Sokbaro
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The view from the top of the Atakora Mountains will involve standing 658 metres above sea level and being able to see across two countries as this range extends along the north-western border between Benin and Togo. The hills and cliffs of the Atakora range provide a scenic backdrop to the Pendjari National Park and the surrounding land and river that can be seen for miles from the top of Mount Sokbaro.

The Atakora escarpment finds a greater variety of plant species, but the forest at the Pendjari River is breathtaking. Witness the wildlife, including elephants, monkeys, lions, hippopotamuses, buffalo and various antelopes making their way through the park to the nearest watering hole or to the river that hydrates the forest. After navigating the summit of Mount Sokbaro and walking through the park, you can look up and see something almost as amazing as the summit which are the birds flying around.

With the Atakora range as a visual background, the colour, shape and beauty of the birds contrast with the rocky range. The Pendjari National Park is an area of 2755 square kilometres and it will be the highlight of your holiday to see the animals and attractions in the area. Even though you may not make it to the top of Mount Sokbaro, you will still experience the natural highs of exploring this fantastic forest.

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