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Benin > Activities > Fetish Temple and Centre Artisanal

Fetish Temple And Centre Artisanal

Fetish Temple and Centre Artisanal
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Anything with the word “fetish” in the title is bound to draw interesting people who have different tastes. Although the word has sexual connotations, these places are more geared towards the African artefacts and Voodoo religion. These shops stock voodoo items, such as monkey testicles and bat wings that are bound to create fascinating holiday photographs.

Shop keepers will have interesting stories of the uses of their wares and will try to convince you to purchase a strange item that may not be allowed on the aeroplane. Visit the Fetish Temple and Centre Artisanal where local craft products are sold at reasonable prices with questionable motives. If you do not find the ideal present in the Fetish Market or along the roadside in some of the beautiful little towns, the museum shops will stock a variety of original gifts.

There are fewer key rings and more interesting items like voodoo dolls that have pins stuck into them. Some people may take offence if given this doll as a gift and it may break friendships. For the more peace-loving tourist there are various African traditional wooden masks, baskets, pottery and woven fabrics for sale that will not raise too many eyebrows back home. The tales of exploration through these authentic places will arouse suspicion and curiosity and tempt others to visit Benin.

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