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Benin > Activities > Bight of Benin

Bight Of Benin

Bight of Benin
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“Beware, beware the Bight of the Benin, for few come out though many go in”. This was fair warning to avoid the shallow bay where a few ships have sunk and flee the area where the slaves were traded in past centuries. Being the centre of the slave trade, this area is washed in historical significance. The more modern risk may not be slave owners, but rather mosquitoes as the malaria risk is high along the Bight.

Before you set off on your journey to Benin, two vaccinations are required to protect you against yellow fever and cholera. To be careful, it is recommended that travellers be immunized against hepatitis, typhoid, tuberculosis, tetanus, meningitis and polio. Benin can be a dangerous adventure and the effects will be felt long after the holiday if the proper medical preventions are not undertaken. Avoid drinking from the Bight and stick to the bottled water unless you want to purify water with iodine tablets. Once these health precautions are undertaken, the main dangers have been avoided and you are free to enjoy the boat ride.

From a scenic point, this bight stretches along a beautiful coastline that once formed the centre of the Slave Trade. Now it is a bay where tourists sail along the coast of Africa. Stop at any of the countries where the bight borders such as Benin, Togo, Ghana and Nigeria and sail along this bight that is part of the Bight of Guinea. Charter a boat or stowaway on a container or simply take a day trip from one of the coastal towns.

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